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What's Different Here?

Ever notice how federally legal CBD & Hemp products cost more than black-market?

What's up with that?

G-Dad found out. Basically ALL CBD and Hemp products are made by a very few growers and producers. Those "boutique" prices others charge are for premium branding and packaging. The actual products are pretty much all standardized.


That's why we formed direct partnerships with other growers and producers to bring the goodness to the people at the best possible prices. We don't spend a ton on packaging or advertising, so I can bring you the exact same products for far less.


Every single product is lab-tested and includes a COA (Certificate of Analysis) so you KNOW you're getting top-quality items. G-Dad thinks full transparency is a good thing.

G-Dad cut out the middlemen and sells direct to YOU. We're trying to spread the word on the benefits of cannabinoids for health, lifestyle and well-being. 

Shop our items for "The Best @ The Best"! Or, better yet, partner with us to spread the love! See how at the "JOIN US!" link below.

Every product's quality is assured by independent lab analysis. See our COA's page. Gram for gram, milligram for milligram, we will not be undersold! Better than wholesale pricing! Compare our prices with ANYONE ANYWHERE!

A Little Guidance Please?

Are these Products Legal? Yes! The 2018 Farmbill made hemp and hemp-derived products legal according to federal law. Hemp is defined as having less than .3% content of Delta-9 THC by dry weight. All our products conform to that standard. Individual state laws can vary though.

CBD vs THC? These are two out of hundreds of cannabinoids in the cannabis/hemp plant. CBD is used for pain, stress and anxiety with a general analgesic effect and warm feelings of overall well-being. It interacts with the body much more than with the mind. THC can normally be felt more in the mind. Delta-9 is the illegal (according to present federal law) version, but there are several variants which are legal and discussed individually below.

Delta-8 THC? Legal THC variant. Lab analysis: About 60% as potent as Delta-9 THC. G-Dad's analysis: Delta-8 is different in character from Delta-9. It elevates mood and engenders feelings of well-being without the brainfog or paranoia of Delta-9. It is a cleaner and clearer feeling.

THC-O? Legal THC variant. Lab analysis: About 3X as potent as Delta-9 THC. G-Dad's analysis: Recommended. This is your full-on replacement for Delta-9. I'm not sure I buy the "3X Potent" claim, but THC-O can definitely give you the feels associated with THC. Bear in mind, it is only bioavailable through the GI tract, so no matter what ingestion form you use, it may take a little longer to take effect.

HHC? Legal THC variant. Lab analysis: About 70% as potent as Delta-9 THC. G-Dad's analysis: Recommended with reservation: This is good stuff...maybe my my experience, it requires bit higher dosage than D8 or THC-O, at least orally. I was initially very disappointed with this compound, until I dosed higher. Now, count me among its fans.

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