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Hi. G-Dad is the name my grandkids gave me when they were too young to say "Granddad." What can I say, it stuck. 

I started G-Dad's online to be more than a store. I started it to be a revolution. Here's why...

I have a grown son who lives with me and always will. That's because he has brain damage from experimenting with laced street drugs.

I also had a baby brother who died by overdosing on...laced street drugs.


Seeing a pattern here?

Guess who has benefitted most from the War on Drugs here in America? It wasn't my baby brother. It wasn't my son. It wasn't the thousands and thousands of men and women thrown in prison for marijuana.


If I had to guess, I'd say it was the rich and powerful drug cartels who gained the most, along with the dirty politicians who enabled them. 

Every dollar sent their way brings us more dirty and dangerous street drugs, more violent crime and more human trafficking across our borders. Make no mistake. I mean to put them out of business.

These days, wars are won economically more than by weaponry or legislation. That's the mission. That's the revolution. I hope you will join us.

Learn how you can help by partnering with us at the "Partners" link above. 

Thank you for your support!

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